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Tiffani Purdy

Tiffani Purdy

Tiffani Purdy is a Human Design Teacher, NLP Practitioner, and Creator of The ENRICH Formula™. Tiffani helps work-at-home moms learn Human Design and its practical applications, so they can use this incredibly insightful tool to create more energetically supportive business strategies, healthier relationships in and outside the home, and a deeper trust in themselves and their Higher Power.

“The Kindergarten Teacher of Human Design” - Tiffani is a leading authority in the Human Design space and is passionate about helping people who are new to the tool understand HD’s benefits and how to use it in a down-to-earth way that’ll actually change their lives for the better. With The ENRICH Formula™, she teaches other coaches how to do the same – in any niche.

As a Line 3 (aka The Scientist) with a presence in the online entrepreneurial community since 2014, Tiffani’s been there, tried that, and can show you how to map out a strategy that will get from A to B the easiest way possible – with your own energetic blueprint in mind.

She lives and works in Tampa, Florida with her daughter, Mana, and her boyfriend, Charlie, who also works from home.

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Creating Your Energetically Aligned Business: How to start your business on the right foot with your Human Design

The Types Build a Town: Learn about the Human Design Types in an easy-to-understand, down-to-earth analogy

If God Picked Your Ideal Client: How to use your Human Design chart to reverse engineer your ideal client avatar

Healthy Relationships Between Emotional Authorities & Empaths: Sharing my personal relationship story with my partner of 2+ years, and how we maintain healthy emotional communication

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