Learn the skills, strategies, & tools you need to start coaching your clients with Human Design – no matter what niche you’re in.

The ENRICH Formula™: Create your own coaching business with Human Design

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You know Human Design has so much potential as a tool to help you with your clients... but you’re no expert.

Plus – even if you were, your CLIENTS aren’t experts, and would they really care about this stuff?

And even better – you won’t have to worry about teaching it to them, either.

(What if everyone thinks you’re a woo-woo loony & stops taking you seriously?)

Guess what: You don’t have to be a Level-10 expert to start using Human Design to help you help your clients ASAP.

Imagine being able to immediately zero in on your clients’ strengths and opportunities for massive growth.

Imagine being able to see how they learn, how they emotionally respond, how they “work,” how they make their best decisions, how they recall information, how they express themselves – and even more than that – in just a glance.

Imagine being able to confidently help them create energetically aligned goals and plans of action because you can see the circuitry of their body’s natural flow.


Coaching is great – but it often lacks a certain level of personalization to it.


Human Design is awesome – but it doesn’t really come with an instruction manual for how to use it to EMPOWER you.

(Is everyone just meant to do things how their coach/mentor does it?)

(Did they really call me a Martyr? Rude.)

That’s where The ENRICH Formula™ comes in.





An intensive two-week experience designed to teach you everything you need to know to start coaching clients with Human Design, Astrology, & NLP – in any niche.

The ENRICH Formula™ is the first of its kind.

Here’s how The ENRICH Formula™ is different from any other course or group program you’ve ever invested in before.

You’ll be learning a one-of-a-kind therapeutic model that brings Human Design and NLP together.

You’ll learn more than enough to be able to give someone an adequate “Reading,” but you’ll also be equipped with a proven method that can help you apply Human Design to your coaching client calls to guide them through targeted shifts and create responsible goals.

You’ll be held the whole way through.

Unlike most programs similar to ENRICH, you’re not expected to do it on your own. When we aren’t learning Live together, you’ll still be supported in our regular ENRICH Group Coaching Calls with either Tiffani, or an ENRICH Facilitator.

You’ll be spoken to like a human being.

Trying to learn Human Design can be overwhelming, hard to access, and sometimes just plain unintelligible. In ENRICH, you’ll be learning from a human, in a relatable, down-to-earth language, with an approach that’s designed to make sure you actually digest what you’re trying to learn.

You’ll get to witness the work in action.

Most programs you’ll invest in will deliver the information and then send you on your merry way. Not ENRICH. You’ll get to see lots of different ways you can apply what you’re learning here to real life coaching situations you’ll encounter in the world, so you know what to do with what you’re learning.

You’ll get real feedback – even if you’re not there Live.

ENRICH gives you the opportunity to demonstrate both the informational AND practical portions of the lessons, so you can make sure you’re walking away from ENRICH confident AF in your chart interpretation and coaching abilities.

You’ll get the chance to use what you know & get paid for it.

Everyone who graduates from ENRICH goes into the ENRICH Grads Database. This is an open database for people to peruse a list of pre-qualified customers and find an ENRICH Grad who specializes in what they need.

The ENRICH Formula™ is delivered in three parts, over two weeks of daily Live lessons.

Each part is here to add a new layer of foundation on top of which your empire will be built.


Part 3:


Part 2:


Part 1:


This is where you’ll learn the “meat” of the content inside ENRICH. We lay down this layer of foundation first, so that you can…

Navigate the Human Design BodyGraph.

Whether you’ve been exploring the world of Human Design for a while or you’re brand new to the experiment, you’ll learn everything you need to know to read a chart and help you understand your clients at an energetic level.

Learn the easiest, fastest way to read a birth chart.

This will add one more layer of awareness to your client experience, giving you a bird’s eye view on the big picture story of their lives.

Get a basic background in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Showing you how the parts of the psyche work will blow your mind and give you a whole new way of approaching your work with clients.


This is where you’ll learn how to use everything you just absorbed in the first half of ENRICH. We lay the groundwork here next, so that you can…

Know the difference between READING and COACHING, and be ready for both situations if/when they’re part of your business strategy.

Have a firm grasp of The ENRICH Method™ and see how it can be used in action to heal and re-write your clients’ limiting beliefs – no matter what niche you’re in.

Help your clients create solid, achievable goals – rather than focusing on shifting vague emotional states – so your clients can see consistent results in their real lives.


This is where you’ll learn how you can go and apply everything from Parts 1 & 2 to your own coaching practice after ENRICH. We finish the program here, so that you can…

Find your coaching niche and the lens through which you’ll be selling it to your audience.

Identify your Mission Statement and Ideal Client through a reverse-engineered process of looking at your own BodyGraph to see what people need & want most from you.

Create an energetically supportive strategy for moving forward with a Core Offer and a One Year Plan that shows you how you’ll draw your audience from the crowd to your virtual couch for client sessions.

Here’s what you get when you enroll in The ENRICH Formula™

✔️ 10 Live Teaching Days
($4,000 value)
Learn directly from Tiffani in a Live online classroom setting. Each day will last approximately 3-4 hours, including Live teaching, demonstrating, and Q&A time. The replay for each day will be available on-demand in your Student Dashboard within 12 hours

✔️ The ENRICH Formula™ Textbook
($200 value)

Get an instant download of the PDF in the Student Dashboard, and receive a full-color physical copy mailed directly to you* from Team Tiffani within 30 days after your enrollment

*International Students will receive a voucher via PayPal to purchase their copy of the textbook from their local Amazon site

✔️ The ENRICH Formula™ Slack Community
Collaborate with students in your own round of ENRICH, as well as anyone who’s ever taken the program in history, so you can learn from each other, practice with one another, and refer customers to each other when the niche fits

✔️ Lifetime Access to The ENRICH Formula™ Live Classes
($3,600 annual value)

When you join ENRICH, you’re welcome to attend classes ANYTIME. This round. Next round. The next one. The next one, even. It’s totally up to you how many times you want to experience this program

✔️ Lifetime Access to regular The ENRICH Formula™ Facilitation Calls
($12,000 annual value)

When we’re not having Live classes, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get served Live once a month by Tiffani or an ENRICH Facilitator

✔️ The ENRICH Formula™ Graduate Database
After graduating from The ENRICH Formula™, your name will go in the Graduates Database, where you’ll have the opportunity to be matched with pre-qualified coaching clients who are seeking down-to-earth, actionable Readings & Coaching

✔️ Required & Recommended Reading List
Make the most of your ENRICH experience and your Human Design education by grabbing these essential texts for your bookshelf

✔️ BONUS: “Business Tools to Experiment With” Checklist
Jumpstart your new online coaching career with this checklist of programs, equipment, and trainings that have all been tested and approved by Tiffani

✔️ BONUS: Client Intake Form Template
Get started with your new coaching career right away with this quick and easy template to send to new clients or to use as a form when they’re booking in with you for the first time

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of over $20k in direct coaching, educational content, and community support, annually – but you can see here that the value of ENRICH over a lifetime is HUGE.

Enrollment is currently closed.

Enrollment re-opens in...

Hey, I’m Tiffani
Your Teacher, Mentor, and New Biz Bestie

The ENRICH Formula™ is the synthesis of:

I created The ENRICH Formula™ for every client, student, and follower who has ever asked me: “How do you actually know what to do with the information you see in the BodyGraph?”

So rather than putting together a program that spoon feeds people more and more esoteric lingo and mechanical information – I chose to respond to what people have been asking for, finally.

As the Scientist myself, I’ve done the research and the testing, and I’m coming to you here, now, with my findings.

I can’t wait to break down all of this information for you in an easy-to-understand approach, and how to add your own flavor to it and make it all your own.

3 years living in the Human Design experiment and coaching others with the same tool

4 years coaching others with therapeutic methods and NLP

6 years creating my own income online

31 years of resilience and general badassery

xo  Tiffani

Is The ENRICH Formula™ right for you?

You’re thinking about starting your own business, or are in a clarifying/pivoting place in your current business

You’re already a coach, and you want to add Human Design and The ENRICH Formula™ process to your toolbelt

You know a little about Human Design already, but you’re over all the Googling and piecing together of information through Instagram posts

You learn best through grounded examples and visual demonstrations – it’s not enough for you to just read a book, listen to an audio, or watch a lesson about theory

You like the idea of joining a growing community of people like you that you can collaborate with and learn from

You’re interested in investing in a program that grows with you and gives you a chance to keep growing with it, too

A few words from ENRICH Grads:

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I've been "playing" with Human Design for a couple of years and when I decided it was time to go deeper I followed my Manifestor Strategy and informed a couple of people that I was looking for the RIGHT program. Two days later I got an email from Tiffani saying she was doing a special webinar that Friday. I was already scheduled for something else so I had no intention of attending.

Fifteen minutes before Tiffani went live my client reschedule and I thought to myself - what the hay!

Watching Tiffani unveil the ENRICH Method was watching somebody who fully embodies their Human Design in action. That alone made me want to say yes, then you add on the additional magic of Astrology and NLP and mix it with an intense program where I would be able to utilize the knowledge in 2 weeks and not months or even years - yeah, I couldn't give her my money fast enough.

The ENRICH method has already revolutionized my coaching practice and my breathwork sessions. If you are a coach and want to meet people where they are at and give yourself a magical wand to help your clients evolve even more intentionally into the next best version of themselves then you need to sign up.

Shaneh Woods

I was intrigued by how Tiffani spoke to each of her posts on instagram – I felt seen, and heard and I felt there was something here for me to learn, as I was learning something new on each new post. I wanted more, so I made the decision to join ENRICH.

[Tiffani’s] teaching style spoke to me and I wanted more as I completely understood what [she was] sharing. Tiffani made HD easy to understand. The experience was like spreading frosting on a cake, smooth and easy, and each time I took a taste I wanted more and more. Who does not love BUTTER CREAM… that is exactly how I felt about Tiffani’s class, ENRICH.  I wanted more and more, and was energized each day after class.

Do you love to learn? Do you want to learn about God’s blueprint and how to use your blueprint to flow in life? Hop on and learn about ENRICH. YOU will be intrigued. I guarantee it!

Debbie Rosenfelt

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To be honest, I trusted my sacral response with this one. And it started unfolding and happening from there. I learnt a lot [inside ENRICH] and got to witness fellow students who are experienced in different ways and different fields. Seeing Tiffani do this in a most natural (and prepared) way inspired me as a Mani Gen with a 3/5 profile to release myself from perfectionism (as a Virgo) and to truly live my human design as I guide others to do the same. 

I have never seen such rich information delivered so smoothly and with that level of ease. I'm still integrating and wrapping my head around the amount of knowledge that was delivered and I am already beginning to apply it!

Sara El-Sayeh

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The ENRICH program helped me better understand Human Design and create a solid structure for using it in my business. It was well-crafted, need-to-know information using expertly curated tools.

Tiffani is an amazing teacher! She demonstrated how to take conceptual ideas, make sense of them, and easily put them into action. I'm more confident in what I'm doing now.

The ENRICH program is the catalyst I needed to create a successful coaching business and help LOTS of people.

Stacee Morales

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I decided to join ENRICH to learn more about my Human Design and to be able to help other busy moms to learn more about themselves.

I absolutely love the way Tiffani teaches it so that even a five-year-old would be able to understand it. I went into the class as a beginner and finished feeling confident enough to begin reading and coaching my clients. 

Stefanie Bunning

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I was introduced to HD early this year. I really wanted to incorporate this into my coaching business. I felt like something from my business was missing and for some reason I just kept getting pulled more and more towards HD. I was really nervous about spending money on a course, but after learning about my own design, I was able to make the decision. My strategy is to respond and realized there were sooo many signs leading me to respond to THIS course. I even said to myself "I want to learn about HD so I can help my clients" then this course literally appears out of nowhere! Barely caught it the day before it closed too! Sooo happy I decided to take the leap. I'm going to help so many people thanks to Tiffani. She was meant to make this course! 💛

This has been such a fun learning experience and has honestly given me so much excitement to coach. I stopped accepting clients cause I wanted to focus on this course. I've learned so much in a short amount of time, which was a little overwhelming since I love to be up to speed with everyone...BUT I am so grateful it's pre-recorded and I have such easy access to not only the community but also Tiffani! I can't ever make it to the live cause I still have an 8-5 atm (plus on a different time zone), so having the ability to work on MY time was sooo convenient.

Raechelle Rosal

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If you’ve invested all this time and energy on this sales page so far, you owe it to yourself to answer a few questions:

What if just one concept inside ENRICH…

...changes everything about the way you see and serve your clients?

What if just one technique you learn in ENRICH…

...helps you reach dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of dream clients?

What if just one perspective inside ENRICH…

...transforms the way you see yourself, as a human being and a leader?

You've Got Q's, I've Got A's

I won’t sugarcoat it for you – if you’re at the beginning of your online business career, you’ll have to put the work in. It would be nice if we could just create an offer, post about it on our Instagram a couple of times, and have people lining up to buy from us and receive our gifts… but that’s not really how this works. Don’t worry, though. ENRICH is here to show you exactly what to do, from the very beginning. (Frankly, ENRICH is the program I wish was available when I got started!)

Absolutely! While people who are totally fresh to coaching and might not know their niche yet will be learning about the main “umbrella niches” that we see in the coaching community, you will have the benefit of being able to zero in on the information, demonstrations, and application styles that work best for your niche right from the start.

That’s totally up to you! In the beta round of ENRICH, we had about a 50/50 split on who attended the Live classes and who chose to watch the replays later. What I can say is that, from the tests, you’d never be able to tell who came Live and who didn’t. So really, lean into your Authority and Strategy on this one. Come Live if/when you want; watch the replays if/when you want. (Remember, you still have the chance to get served in our Facilitation Calls once a month!)

Again, this part is entirely up to you! The thought process behind the test is that MOST courses don’t offer any kind of support or accountability for finishing the program. With the written test, you stay actively engaged in the course material as the lectures are being delivered; and with the video demonstrations, you get the opportunity to get real feedback from your course instructor, so you can feel confident that you comprehend the material before you spread your wings and fly. 

Due to the nature of this program and its delivery process, there are no refunds offered for ENRICH. I’ve designed this program to be as easy to access, understand, process, and use as possible – but it only works if you show up for class or commit to watching the replays on-demand in your Student Dashboard. If you’re not ready to do that, I suggest you wait to invest in ENRICH until you ARE ready.

Doors re-open to the next round in November 2020

Put your name on the wait list!